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ELEVATE Humanity

With the purchase of each item, together we will donate $5 to a philanthropic venture of your choosing.

The following ELEVATE Humanity ventures are available at checkout. 

1. ELEVATE Humanity Programs (Elevate Humanity team will chose a program for you) 

2. Stop World Hunger

3. Provide Clean Water

4. Education Programs

5. Clean our oceans

6. Plant a Tree

7. Protect Animals

ELEVATE Humanity Promotional Code Programs

Enter a promotional code dedicated to one of our ELEVATE Partners at checkout to receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any product. The ELEVATE Partner will also receive a $10 donation per product sale (products priced over $50 qualify). 

The ELEVATE Humanity team have been directly involved with delivering 800+ tons of humanitarian aid valued at over $150 Million to less fortunate children and families in the USA as well as 25+ countries around the world.  Our ELEVATE Humanity partners include, The Boeing Company, Legendary Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao, FedEx, Jettest, Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs, Emirates Airlines, Thai Airways, Philippine Airlines, TAM Bolivia, LATAM Cargo of Chile, Sketchers Shoes and many other multi billion dollar corporations and NGO's around the world.

This is a testament to the Aidan Designs business ethics and policies.    

Aidan Designs aims to be respected by humanity, live up to its promises, be sound and trustworthy, fulfill its social responsibilities and make contributions to society. Aidan Designs and its employees will continue contributing to sustainable positive growth for local Nevada communities and for those in need around the world. 

Aidan Crowley, founder of Aidan Designs is also the Co Founder of AJF Global
( ), a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In cooperation with AJF Global and its partners, Aidan Designs provides large annual charitable contributions and is able to maximize impact by combining its available resources in the Aviation and NGO industry. This collaboration has provided the opportunity to deliver an astonishing impact with over 800 tons of aid valued at over $150 Million delivered to children and families in need. 

Recent ELEVATE Humanity programs. 

ELEVATE Mission Photos



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