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Blue Quartz & Moonstones Jewel Orgonites

Harmony Flow Orgonites are created by artist & lightworker Nadia Crowley and made in three sizes.

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This unique orgonite is created with Blue Quartz Crystals, Rainbow Moonstones, Shungite, Resin, Aluminum Triskelion, Aluminum Shavings, Love, Light and High Frequency. This beautiful piece is sure to enhance your good luck, prosperity, energy, memory retention and clarity. Detailed attributes are as follows.



Turns negative energy into positive energy. Works continuously. Purifies the atmosphere and water. Helps plants grow better and repels pests. Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation. Disarms and repels predatory forms of life. Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced outlook. Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares. Helps awaken your innate senses.Resin is a very finicky and particular to work with. Also, very sensitive to temperature changes. When mixed with crystals or the metal shavings bubbles can form and lead to some inconsistency on the surface. It’s done to the best of my ability to prevent but the result is unpredictable. Yet it does not affect its appearance or functionality.



Blue Quartz is a unique healing crystal. Not only does it whisk away bad energy, but the vibrant energy that emits from Quartz is so potent that it can magnify the effects of any other stone in its presence. Blue Quartz meaning is all about lifting you up. Not only does it help pave a path of positivity in a sea of dark energy, but it also grants you the strength to make a change on your own. It’s a naturally supportive gemstone that inspires personal growth, healthy communication, and overall positivity. Like the steady waves of a calm ocean, Blue Quartz has a knack for inducing serenity. Even in the most chaotic environments, this stone’s healing properties and energy can create a sense of ease in its holder. It’s an instant auric rejuvenator, replacing feelings of anxiety and worry with a wave of peace.



NEW BEGINNINGS Moonstone known as the ‘travel stone ‘is highly aligned to the female energy of the universe and the energy of the moon and its cycles. It is also known as the stone of new beginnings and with it brings insight and intuition. Moonstone is uplifting and calming, it enhances psychic ability and calms reactions, aiding in self-analysis. Moonstone is a powerful calmer of emotions, helping to balance the emotions and to relieve anxiety and stress. It is also particularly helpful with female problems, digestion, elimination, and reproductive organs.



Shungite is known as ‘wonder stone’ and is very old, ancient in fact, said to be around 2 billion years old. It transforms and absorbs negative energies and aids in psychic protection. Clears dysfunctional patterns. Use Shungite for EMF protection and for grounding as they are strong grounding stones that helps the release of negative energy. They are highly beneficial healing crystals for you to keep on you to help and prevent electrical sensitivity .In addition they embody a powerful ancient mystical energy that is highly protective. It also embodies an excellent ability to make a connection to the earth.




ALUMINUM TRISKELION Made in sacred cubit length 

Blue Quartz & Moonstones Jewel Orgonites


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